Avon Advanced Motorcycle Club
Avon Advanced Motorcycle Club
Welcome to the home of Avon Advanced Motorcycle Club
Over the next few pages we'll give you an idea about the club, who we are, what we are like, and how to join us.

The Club:
We are a group of people who enjoy riding to the full. Our members come from all walks of life and from all age groups, with an increasing number of women members, either riding or as pillions. We ride a range of bikes, not all 'Beemers' but sports bikes and 'naked' bikes too.

What really unites us as a group is a desire to ride, not just anyhow, but to ride safely, to a high standard and to make it fun too. Serious fun.

We've been around since 1973 when we were originally known as Avon Advanced Motorcyclists and the emphasis was on training to advanced and instructor standard. Over time the club has evolved and we've been through a number of different guises.

We now aim for a balance of safe, progressive group riding, promoting advanced riding through encouragement and direction, and social activities. We continue to encourage members to train for, take (and pass) an advanced test, but this is not mandatory and it's our attitude to riding that's more important than having passed an advanced test.

Although many of our members ride all year round, for safety reasons our Club rides start early in March and we finish in early November, with the majority of rides in the summer months, either at the weekend or on an evening. During the winter months, we take on a more socially orientated focus, which includes meeting for our annual awards dinner, a curry night and skittles, but we will organise whatever the members want to do (within reason)!

As an advanced club we like to encourage our members to take advanced training and if they wish, to take and pass an advanced test. To help them with this, we provide our own training. Every spring we run a five week skills development course incorporating both theory and practical sessions. In additional to this we also provide one to one training and support.

Our monthly newsletter Treads found later in the site, gives an idea of what we're planning and doing. There are ride reports in there too from time to time. So if you fancy joining us, or if you'd like more information, please call Simon Gough, details can be found on the 'Contact Us' page. It could be the most fun you've had with your bike in a long time. Seriously.

To be able to join you need to have: -
  • a full motorcycle licence
  • a motorcycle of 33 bhp or more
  • paid the annual subscription and
  • a general desire to improve your standard of riding.

We hope to see you out with us soon.